What’s On
September 2017
Artist Talk
Yazan Khalili
Tuesday, 6th September
5:30pm – 6:30pm

As a part of the public activities of the ‘Jerusalem Lives’ exhibition, we invite you to explore the artworks and interact with them through a series of individual talks with participating artists in the exhibition. Join us for a talk with the artist Yazan Khalili, participating in ‘Jerusalem Lives’ with his artwork “Falling stone, Flying stone”.

Talk will be in Arabic.

Art Workshop ‘It was Paradise’ project
Saturday, 9th September
11:00am – 4:00pm
In collaboration with artist Rachel Gadsden

The Palestinian Museum will host and facilitate a creative empowerment workshop, conducted by artist Rachel Gadsden, for Jerusalemite women who have experienced very significant loss, including the death or injury of a family member, damage or destruction of their house or home, loss of livelihood and/or physical ability. The workshop will give these women an opportunity to find an artistic voice to share their personal narratives, as a part of the healing process and as a mean of communication, to be heard by audiences both in their own communities and internationally.

Lecture “The Economic Collapse in East Jerusalem and Current Strategies for Recovery”
Tuesday, 12th September
3:30 pm

Join Nur Arafeh, Anan Ghaith, Fadi Hidmi and Raja Khalidi for an informative discussion on the economic collapse of East Jerusalem. Nur Arafeh, former Policy Fellow of Al-Shabaka, will give a historical overview of the deliberately engineered economic deterioration of East Jerusalem and will focus on current and future Israeli policies to further Judaize the city. Fadi Hidmi, Director of the Jerusalem Chamber of Commerce will focus on the trade sector in East Jerusalem and initiatives undertaken to revive it, while Anan Ghaith, Executive Director of the Jerusalem Tourism Cluster, will talk about the impact of Israeli policies on the Palestinian tourism sector in Jerusalem and will discuss efforts aiming at promoting the city. The discussion will be moderated by development economist Raja Khalidi.

Curator’s Tours Tuesday, 12th September:
2:00pm – 3:00pm

Monday, 18th September:
5:30pm – 6:30pm

Join the curator of Jerusalem Lives, Reem Fadda in a guided tour of the exhibition to discover all related details and chapters of the exhibition. The tour will start from the central exhibition hall, to witness the idea of the beginning of globalisation and its effect on the city of Jerusalem through a series of audio-visual productions. Visitors will then join us in a tour in the gardens of the museum to witness and discover the 18 artworks that were produced by Palestinian and international artists.

Free. Please register at activities@palmuseum.org
Tours will be in Arabic

“Making the Exhibition” Tour Tuesday, 19th September
5:00pm – 6:00pm

Join the Technical Manager of “Jersualem Lives” exhibition, Yazan Khalili for a “behind-the-scenes” tour to experience and explore the making of the ‘Jerusalem Lives’ exhibition and the artworks.
Free, limited places. Tour will be in Arabic.

Please register at activities@palmuseum.org

Open Day
at The Palestinian Museum
Friday, 22th September
4:00pm – 8:00pm

The Open Day offers visitors a great opportunity to visit the Museum, its inaugural exhibition ‘Jerusalem Lives’, and to learn about the various activities offered to the public. As part of this initiative, 10 craftsman stations, inspired by the commissioned artworks, will be showcased in a dedicated space at the Museum. The Palestinian Museum will also partner with artists and Jerusalemite institutions to host performances that build on the general themes of the exhibition.

Art Workshop “Collage Lab: A Newspaper/Map from Scratch”
Friday, 29th September
3:00pm – 7:00pm

This family workshop is inspired by the seminal work of Grassroots Jerusalem, one of the partner institutions in the ‘Jerusalem Lives’ exhibition, on taking agency into our own hands, imagining and mapping our own city, Jerusalem. The participating children, young people and their parents will work together with the help of a professional collage artist to rethink their perceptions of the city of Jerusalem, and the neoliberal colonial and imperial challenges the city faces. After this, the participants will carve out a fiction of their existence through designing a map for Jerusalem after 10 years, by collaging different media. The outcomes of the workshop will be uploaded on the Museum’s website for the public to see and engage with.

Free. Please register at activities@palmuseum.org

Political Tour of Jerusalem Saturday, 30th September
10:00am – 2:00pm
In collaboration with Grassroots Jerusalem.

Join us for a Political Tour that reveals the political and grassroots reality of Jerusalem by exposing how Israeli policies continue to suffocate Palestine’s capital and its largest metropolitan area. The tour begins at Karm il-Khalili neighborhood where Grassroots office is located with a 45-minute narrative explaining the historical context of Jerusalem. Following this, we embark on a 3-hour tour of the city. The tour includes six stops across Jerusalem District, where we will explore issues such as the economy, the legal status of residents, education, health, home demolitions and settlement expansion.

Cost: 10$ per person. Limited places.
Please register at activities@palmuseum.org
Tour will be in Arabic.