What’s On
January 2018

Art Workshop
Recycling to Furnish and Decorate the Children’s Playhouse
In collaboration with Al-Bustan Association - Silwan

Saturday, January 13th, 2018 | 11:00
Location: al-Bustan Association – Silwan

This workshop will allow children in Jerusalem to furnish and decorate the playhouse that was built by the children of Silwan from recycled wood at al-Bustan Association during the activities of November. Using material they no longer need, children will set up the playhouse to make it a suitable space for reading, learning and various art activities. Each participant must bring at least one old or unwanted item: a broken chair, pieces of wooden crates, or plastic bottles. All unusable items will be transformed into little treasures.

This workshop is suitable for those over 10 years of age
Limited availability. For registration: activities@palmuseum.org

Mosaic Art Workshop
Creating Mosaics Inspired by Jerusalem
In collaboration with the Mosaic Centre - Jericho

Friday, January 19th, 2018 | 13:00
Location: the Palestinian Museum, Birzeit

Join us for an opportunity to get to know the art of mosaic. Jerusalem’s history has long been represented on the walls and floors of many of its landmarks such as the Dome of the Rock or the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Under the supervision of a qualified artist, this workshop will offer you the opportunity to work creatively, to produce mosaics that correspond to the “Jerusalem Lives” exhibition and its themes.

This workshop is suitable for those over 10 years of age.
Limited availability. For registration: activities@palmuseum.org

Political Tour of Jerusalem
In partnership with Grassroots Jerusalem

Sunday, January 21th, 2018 l 10:00-14:00
Meeting point: The Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem 

Join us for a political tour that reveals the political and grassroots reality of Jerusalem by exposing how Israeli policies continue to suffocate Palestine’s capital and its largest metropolitan area. The tour begins at Karm al-Khalili neighborhood where Grassroots office is located with a 45-minute narrative explaining the historical context of Jerusalem. Following this, we embark on a 3-hour tour of the city. The tour includes six stops across Jerusalem District, where we will explore issues such as the economy, the legal status of residents, education, health, house demolitions and Jewish settlements expansion. 

Cost: 40 ILS per person.
Please register at activities@palmuseum.org

Closing Curator’s Tour with Reem Fadda

Wednesday, January 24th l 14:00-15:00
Location: the Palestinian Museum, Birzeit

Join the curator of “Jerusalem Lives” exhibition, Reem Fadda, on a guided tour of the exhibition to discover and learn about the different chapters of the exhibition.

Please register at activities@palmuseum.org

Art Workshop
Interaction with Oscar Murillo’s Artwork “the Institute of Reconciliation”
In partnership with Silwan Club and the African Community Society 

Friday, January 26th, 2018 l 10:00
Sunday, January 28th, 2018 l 10:00
Location: Silwan Club in Ras el Amoud, Jerusalem 

Colombian artist Oscar Murillo, a contributor to the public program of the “Jerusalem Lives” exhibition, worked with young people from Jerusalem to execute his artwork, "The Institute of Reconciliation", thereby launching the Jerusalem branch of a project he has implemented in several places around the world. The artwork, which consists of a number of black paintings, goes beyond contemplation. The heavy, woven and torn black canvases, painted in black oil, make up sprawling installations that hang on strings or screens or metal. They reflect on the history of labour, trade, society, consumerism, and art. They provide space to view the city from an alternative collaborative perspective.
We will complete what the artist started by inviting the children to interact with the work in novel artistic ways. These black paintings will be a space to create individual art pieces or interpret ideas of re-presenting the artwork.

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