What’s On
 August 2018

Dresses of the Bedouins

Speaker: Ahmed Hneiti
Wednesday, August 8 | 17:30 – 18:30

Bedouins have always been an integral part of the Palestinian social fabric and cultural heritage. Their embroidered dresses are markedly distinct from those in the villages, and reflect their particular way of life, such as the Ta’amre Bedouin Shataleh dress. Measuring a few meters, the dress would be folded several times and secured with a belt, thus creating wide capacious pockets utilized to accommodate the women’s diverse social roles.

Through a close examination of the Bedouin dresses displayed in the Labour of Love exhibition, we will uncover the cultural heritage of the Bedouins in Palestine and trace the changes that affected their lifestyle and cultural patrimony. After the 1948 Nakba, they were forced into a lifestyle that effectively put an end to their nomadic life inside the Occupied Territory. We will try to understand the impact that these events continue to have on their life today and show how the suffering of the Bedouin of Al-Khan Al-Ahmar is a direct result of a prolonged displacement policy which has reshaped and redefined their socio-cultural life.

The talk will be in Arabic.
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Art Workshop
Let’s recycle waste into musical instruments

Trainer: Shehadeh Shalaldeh
Friday, August 10 | 17:00 – 19:00

Have you ever tried to make your own musical instrument? Come and try! We invite adults and children to make percussion instruments from wood and other recycled material.

Free entry. Fit for adults and children over 7 years old.
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 Majd Abdel Hamid, “Son this is a waste of time”, Series of embroideries on waste canvas, 2015 – 2016. Courtesy of Artist Performance Evening
Unweaving Narratives

With artists Jumana Emil Abboud, Majd Abdelhamid, Khalil Rabah
Curated by Lara Khaldi
Wednesday: 15 August l 18:00 – 21:00

The performances engage with the current hosted exhibition Labour of Love, examining the context of embroidery in contemporary art and engaging with various conceptual folds in the exhibition.

Jumana Emil Abboud weaves stories from Palestinian folklore related to embroidered thobs. Taking the audience on a walk in the gardens of the museum, she will be guiding us towards recognizing subterranean water springs, spirits, and magical creatures of the land. While Majd Abdelhamid will be presenting a lecture performance on the creation of a thob for a new city, problematizing the prevalent appropriation and commodification of culture in Palestine today. He will be showing the audience the different patterns and motifs created for the dress as well as their material origin. Khalil Rabah will be questioning a recent strange re-appearance of his project Grafting, 1997 in the Palestinian Museum's gardens.

18:00 Lecture Performance by Majd Abdelhamid
19:00 Performative talk by Khalil Rabah, interviewed by Lara Khaldi
20:00 Performance walk with Jumana Emil Abboud

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Raja El-Zeer’s Dress

Speaker: Raja El-Zeer
Wednesday, August 29 | 17:30 – 18:30

The final object in the Labour of Love exhibition is a fascinating dress made by Rajaa El-Zeer from Salfit, who embroidered it to wear at her son’s wedding. For an embroidery purist, little about this dress - from its cut, colour and silhouette to its motifs, patterns and form - would be considered ‘traditionally’ Palestinian. Yet, by virtue of being made by Rajaa, it remains as much a Palestinian embroidered dress as its hundred-year-old sisters.

Rajaa El-Zeer is a lady brimming with embroidery chronicles. She has been passionate about this craft since as far back as she can remember, but was deprived of it for two years when settlers attacked her during a hike in the woods. Rajaa’s journey with embroidery, which she first learned from her mother and would become an integral part of her daily life, is similar to that of many women embroiderers, whose stories are seldom told when talking about embroidery production.

In addition to being an embroiderer, Rajaa has a wonderful sense of humour. Come and join us to listen to her stories about a life of embroidery.
The tour will be in Arabic.

The talk will be in Arabic.
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Family Workshop
An Embroidered Gift

Trainer: Tujan Mushasha
Friday, August 31 | 16.00 – 18.00

Children and friends shall gather together and for the first time embroider on wood rather than on fabric. Pre-designed wooden boards with embroidery patterns inspired by the dresses in the “Labour of Love” will be handed out to each participant to make an embroidered medal with the DMC string colours we all love.

Free entry. Open to adults and children over 5 years old.
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The Summer Camp of  the Labour of Love exhibition
01- 30 August, 2018
Schools may register for the summer camp activities:
Places are limited. The Palestinian Museum team will contact schools
to confirm registration.

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