What’s On
March and April 2018

Curator’s Tour with Rachel Dedman

Saturday, 24 March| 14:00 - 15:00

Join the curator, Rachel Dedman, on a guided tour of the Labour of Love exhibition to explore Palestinian embroidery through the lenses of gender, labour, commodity, and class. Throughout the tour, you will hear many untold stories of the Palestinian women and men who embroider. With every exhibit, you will experience an intimate encounter with these embroiderers and hear their voices through every stitch, pattern, patch, and unique style of embroidery.

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Interactive Talk
Exploring Paintings

Speaker: Dr. Tina Sherwell
Tuesday, 27 March| 13:00 – 14:00

Join Dr. Tina Sherwell for an interactive presentation in the Labour of Love exhibition space to learn how to decipher the artistic imagination as well as the underlying themes behind the paintings displayed in the gender section of the exhibition. Dr. Sherwell will invite you to observe and analyse the elements of Palestinian iconic paintings executed by Liberation Artists where embroidery manifests itself on women’s bodies in different historical and social contexts.

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Land Day
Sow and Reap

Friday, 30 March| 13:00 – 15:00

Let’s welcome the spring season by planting fruit-bearing trees. We will gather at the museum’s gardens to celebrate the season and reconnect with our land and some of the native trees of Palestine such as almond, fig, and other trees. Dress in comfortable clothes and shoes, invite your family and friends to join, and don’t forget to bring your enthusiasm, plenty of water, and light snacks.

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Family Day
Motifs and Patterns

Friday, 6 April| 12:00 - 16:00 

Family days are amazing opportunities to enjoy yourselves and learn something new. Join us to explore the themes presented in Labour of Love through 11 fun stations designed around the exhibited dresses, patterns, and the stories behind them. Parents and kids will work together to stitch their own patterns, make traditional fabric dyes, play some mind-provoking games, and engage with interesting stories told by men and women embroiderers.

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Dress from Galilee

Speaker: Dr. Sonia Nimer
Tuesday, 10 April| 14:30 -15:30

Every dress has its unique story. Join us on a sensory journey of discovery to learn about the distinctive motifs, colours, and style of Galilee dress. Dr. Sonia Nimer will guide you through a behind-the-scenes experience where you will get a deeper view of the social, economic, and historical environment that brought the dress to its current form.

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Writing the Histories of Palestine’s Many Regions

Speaker: Prof. Thomas Thompson
Tuesday, 17 April| 14:00

The roots of the rich multiculturalism that distinguish Palestine as the home of some forty geographically distinct small sub-regions go back to the Chalcolithic period. However, historical records have only documented the part of history extending from Roman to Ottoman times. Archaeological and biblical expeditions ignored the earlier system of pastoral vassalage and fealty that generated the political values contributing to the establishment of the hierarchical system of Palestinian society. It is this issue that Thompson will address in his lecture, highlighting the inter-relationship between such pastoral structures and Palestine’s geographical sub-regions from the fourth to the first millennium BCE. The features of this relationship will be presented as they are reflected in historical inscriptions and texts that relate to the toponymy of Palestine in the light of Bronze and Stone Age settlement patterns.

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Seeking the Abu Shosheh Dress

Speaker: Maha Abu Shosheh
Tuesday, 24 April| 14:00

Maha Abu Shosheh’s passion for collecting embroidered dresses started with one dress, one she calls Abu Shosheh. We invite you to join Maha’s storytelling session to get a taste of her experience and follow the dress’s interesting journey.

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Family Encounters:
Learn Palestinian Cross-stitch Embroidery

Friday, 27 April| 13:00-15:00 

Join us to learn the basic falahi stitches from experienced women and men embroiderers. The workshop will not only offer you a firsthand experience of embroidery, it will also enrich you with knowledge about the motifs, colours, and techniques of different regions in Historic Palestine.

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School Visits
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University Students 

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