Glimmer of a Grove Beyond
Visual journeys through the landscape: Curated selection from the Museum’s collection of Palestinian political posters

Curated By: Adele Jarrar

25 February–5 April 2020

Glimmer of a Grove Beyond explores representations of Palestinian land and natural geography through an array of political posters drawn from the Palestinian Museum’s permanent collection. The collection includes a set of 540 Palestinian political posters, produced between the late-1960s and early-1990s, which were collected and generously donated by ambassador Ali Kazak.

The curated show addresses the notion of landscape and the alterations inflicted on Palestine’s geography, sometimes represented through orientalist photography, and at times as lost geography or as fantasy. Those alterations shaped the political project and ideologies of the day, which in turn were reflected in the artistic and visual languages employed in posters.

Glimmer of a Grove Beyond aims to outline links among the various artistic styles and methods of landscape representation, in addition to their fluctuating relation to the contemporary political project and historical circumstance. It complements the Palestinian Museum’s preceding exhibition, Intimate Terrains, and offers an opportunity to examine the landscape through an additional, unique artform: the poster.

The show is divided into seven sections, classified according to iconography or topic: Sowing Liberation, Agency and Sanctity, Devastation as Landscape, Manifesting Palestine, Fida’i, Flowers and Anemones, and Reclaiming the Orange. Each section highlights distinct methods in which symbols or topics were employed, and sheds light on their relation to landscape.

The title, Glimmer of a Grove Beyond, was inspired by French author and activist Jean Genet’s memoirs, in which he recounts seeing the lights of the Galilee glimmering beyond the Jordanian frontier, where he was encamped with Palestinian fida’iyin in the early 1970s. Read more

Adele Jarrar (Palestine, 1992) is a visual culture writer and critic. She obtained her BA in architecture from Birzeit University in 2016 and is currently completing her master’s degree in art and cultural management at Leuphana University. Jarrar, whose work is informed by her interest in analysing the power structures underlying imagery, has had wide-ranging experience in design, research, writing, and curation.
She was commissioned to write for numerous platforms and magazines, including Lifta Volumes, Institute for Palestine studies, the Funambulist, 7iber, and the Art Columnist. She has also assisted in curating Cities Exhibition 5: Gaza Reconstruction, and City of whom?, and has recently contributed a story to Reworlding Ramallah: short sci-fi stories from Palestine.