Qalandiya International II

In 2014, the Palestinian Museum participated in Qalandiya International Biennale for the first time. Titled “Archives, Lived and Shared”, Qalandiya International II was launched on 22 October and ran until 15 November.

Museum activities during Qi 2014

Introduction to Palestinian Museums
The Museum’s contribution was an exhibition titled ‘Introduction to Palestinian Museums’. Exploring the histories, specialisms, collections and exhibitions of 39 various Palestinian museums, the exhibition tried to promote a way to think about museums as multi-layered archives, capable of expressing the different communal and societal structures of the Palestinian landscape. It sought to open up a discussion about the role of museums as spaces designed to nurture not only objects and collections, but research, dialogue, and creative interpretation.

Qalandiya Encounters
Under the theme “Museums, Communities and the Construction of National Identity”, the Palestinian Museum organised a panel discussion as part of the Qalandiya International three-day-seminar focused on archives. Apart from Jack Persekian, Director of the Palestinian Museum, participants included Salim Tamari, former director of the Institute for Palestinian Studies and professor of sociology, Esmail Nashef, anthropologist, writer and art critic, and cultural Editor of The Economist Fiametta Rocco. The seminar was moderated by Mahmoud Hawari, curator of the Islamic collections at the British Museum. Click here to view speakers bios.

Tours to Palestinian Museums
The Palestinian Museum organised tours to its building site and to various museums across Palestine. In addition, the Museum team oversaw a number of seminars during Qalandiya International II and discussed various issues related to the broad topic of museums, as well as held educational workshops for schoolchildren, which centered around the theme of the Museum’s inaugural exhibition.