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Tinkering at Home with the Palestinian Museum

Would you like to take part in an initiative that imbues children and grown-ups alike with creative spirit and positive energy amid these extraordinary circumstances?

The Palestinian Museum is seeking contributions by artists and artisans, with the aim of holding online workshops to impart meaningful cultural dimensions to the recreational activities that families share at home. Fostering Interactivity within cultural ventures is among the chief values that the Museum’s Education Programme aspires to meet. Accordingly, the workshops aim to add new perspective to our interaction with physical space, time, and virtual space, while focussing on the importance of learning new skills.

Deadline: 21 April 2020, email proposals to

Proposals must include:
- Main concept of the workshop
- Required timeframe
- Required materials for the workshop, and steps of implementation.
- The main learning objectives, and steps of implementation.
- Required Fees

- Originality and relevance to the aspirations and concerns of Palestinian society.
- Viability of the workshop’s completion from home, in terms of space requirements and availability of materials, in addition to creative employment of household objects.

Free Online Workshop
The World in Basic Shapes

Artist: Suzanne Groothuis
23 April 2020 at 18:00
Age Group: 6+
Workshop Language: Arabic and English

As you closely observe the world around you, you may find that everything is basically formed in simple shapes like circles, triangles and squares. You easily recognise that a plate is round, and some tables are rectangular. Now, take a good look at the lines in your hands. Can you identify any shapes there too?

When we draw or paint, we can use those basic shapes. To experiment with this method of visualising form, we will produce simple stamps of basic shapes and use them to create images by combining, repeating and arranging them on paper. We will begin by learning how to use basic shapes to build more complex forms, and we will then create elaborate artworks using the stamps that we made.

*Image from the book, Devinettes en petits morceaux by Chiara Armellini

To register, send us an email at that includes your name and your age. We will respond to you with the link to our JITSI session and the required materials for this workshop.

Free Online Workshop
Aesthetics and Techniques of Smartphone Photography and Videography

Artist: Hareth Yousef
27 & 30 April 2020 at 15:30 - 16:30
Age group: 17+
Workshop Language: Arabic

Many of you have reached out to us and inquired about how our Museum photographer, Hareth yousef creates the beautiful images and videos that we post in our Instagram stories. In this two-session workshop from home, you will be guided by Hareth to discover how you may look at the objects around you and compose images that carry aesthetic value and tell a compelling story. You will learn how to effectively employ natural light, colours and angles, and to use your phone’s camera settings to achieve your vision.

The second part of the workshop will be a critique session in which Hareth will go through each participant’s work and suggest ways to enrich the images and enhance their impact. This exciting experience will help you:
- Find out if your photos/videos reflect and communicate what you want.
- Learn basic tools and techniques to enhance photo/video impact.
- Feel inspired and motivated to develop your practice and evolve your passion into a distinct style.

In preparation for our first meeting next Tuesday, here’s a quick exercise:
Let’s look in the mirror and through our window and use a smart phone camera to try and capture the details and features that stand out to us the most!

To register, send us an email at that includes your name, your age and the type of smartphone you have. We will respond to you with the link to our online session.

Open Call for Proposals
Palestinian Shores Exhibition

Palestinian Shores (working title) is a research-based exhibition and as such, the Palestinian Museum calls on artists, filmmakers, musicians and researchers in cultural, urban, social, media and anthropological studies to submit proposals for interventions and/or artworks that speak to the exhibition’s conceptual research premises. The exhibition aims to spur critical research that fills knowledge gaps away from glorified views of history. For more inforamtion, click here.

Open Call
for creative contributions (written/visual) inspired by the current global circumstances 
to be published on the Museum blog, a platform for free self-expression

Hardly is the world serene in ordinary times, but seldom does the entire globe hold its breath at once, facing a common menace. This is one such moment, as we collectively brace amid this sweeping pandemic. Palestine is no stranger of course to catastrophes of the manmade variety, but amid the ruin, and in apprehension of recurring calamity, Palestinians have always resorted to arts and literature as they contended with the fragility of life or endeavoured to invoke the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

In this unprecedented time, we share a sense of uncertainty and anxiety, which perhaps elicits unfamiliar responses, whether within us as individuals or within society as a whole. This novel reality, impermanent as it may be, surely stirs in each of us an array of thoughts and feelings, as well as an urgency to contemplate and articulate them.

The Palestinian Museum invites you to share your thoughts and reflexions, fleshed out ideas or musings and contemplations, your hopes, fears, visions or stream of consciousness, which we will gladly publish on our website as part of the Museum blog. All media is welcome, including Arabic/English writing, photography and video, with no particular criteria for style, format or length (poetry, prose, fiction, articles,  etc.). You may attach your name, an alias or no name at all, and you may also request at any time that the material be taken down. Copyrights will be reserved to the author, and the Museum copy-editing staff’s interventions will be strictly limited to proofreading without any interference with content.

This call is not limited to these extraordinary circumstances; the Palestinian Museum blog will continue to welcome your contributions in the future.

Send your submissions to:

Free Online Workshop: Four Seasons: Scientific Botanical Drawing(Spring)

Artist: Elizabeth Tesdell
2 May 2020 at 14:00 - 15:30
Age Group: 6+

We invite you to join us for the spring installment of our botanical illustration workshops. During the workshop we will showcase some of the most beautiful plants and flowers blooming during this season, and some botanical facts about these plants. We will review basics of observational drawing to help provide a strong foundation for your botanical illustrations. We will discuss color mixing, and the benefits and drawbacks of using different drawing mediums for botanical illustrations.  Participants will be encouraged to collect plant samples from around or within their homes. There will be time to practice drawing together during the workshop.

Please Prepare the following material for the workshop:
- several sheets of A4 paper
- pencil
- eraser
- colored pencils (optional )
- water colors (optional)
- at least 3 plant samples. The plant samples could be anything that is growing inside or outside. Examples include: a house plant, a fruit or vegetable, a branch from an olive tree, grass, flowers that are blooming, a fig leaf.

To register, send us an email at that includes your name and your age.

Open Call – Dar Al-Tifel Workshop
Open Call: From a Print to a Product Digital Workshop

The Palestinian Museum – Birzeit and Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi Museum – Jerusalem invite artists of all nationalities, based in #Palestine, #TheMiddleEast and around the world, and who have previously contributed to the Palestinian cultural and art scenes to submit proposals for giving the upcoming digital workshop, From a Print to a Product. The workshop will be held in July 2020 as part of the Museum’s forthcoming exhibition, Printed in Jerusalem.

Submission Guidelines:
- The call is open to professional artists and designers whose artistic practices are steeped in printing techniques.
- The Proposal must be original and entirely the work of the artist.
- The proposal should demonstrate a direct link between the suggested workshop concept and the Printed in Jerusalem themes.
- The proposal should include the following sections: background, concept summary, objectives, activities, output, and estimated budget.
-  The proposal should include the following appendices: artist’s resume and an up-to-date portfolio.
-  The complete proposal should be sent to under the subject ‘From a Print to a Product (ARTIST’S NAME)’ by Saturday 13 June 2020, 23:00.
-  Selected candidates will be notified by email by Tuesday 23 June 2020.
-   Selected candidates are expected to deliver the online workshop between 10 July 2020 and 30 July 2020

The open call runs from 22 May to 13 June 2020. For further information on Printed in Jerusalem exhibition, kindly visit this link

For inquiries, kindly contact us at:

This workshop is supported by the A. M. Qattan Foundation through the ‘Visual Arts: A Flourishing Field’ (VAFF) Project, funded by Sweden.