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September 2020

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Discussion Series
Writing from and about Jerusalem: a series of discussions with Jerusalemite writers
Writer and novelist Mahmoud Shuqair

Facilitated by Bader Othman
Sunday, 6 September | 18:00–19:00
Language: Arabic
Place: Zoom link  https://zoom.us/j/97954960196 

In a series of individual discussions with distinguished Jerusalemite authors from different generations, Mahmoud Shuqair, Liana Badr and Maya Abu al-Hayyat, we delve into literature’s relation to Jerusalem’s past and present. We highlight these authors’ works as they reflect the city’s various components in all their complexities.

Virtual Tour Series, Printed in Jerusalem: Mustamloun*
Section Two: The Sixth Communiqué;Section Three: Inspection and Evaluation
Curators Baha Jubeh, Abdel-Rahman Shabane, and assistant-curator Sandy Rishmawi

Monday, 7 September | 18:00
Language: Arabic
Place: Palestinian Museum social media platforms

The Sixth Communiqué seeks to understand the relation between political content and the means by which it is communicated. During the first Intifada, those caught with political publications were imprisoned and banned from practicing any profession linked to printing. Paper itself was damning evidence in those days. 
Inspection and Evaluation presents printing clichés from the Lawrence Press collection and artistic interventions based on the collection in five corners: Education, Tourism, Culture, Society, and Commerce.
*A mustamly (plural: mustamloun) was tasked with dictating manuscripts to copyists and acted as an intermediary between authors and the public. Historically, this transmission of content was associated with censorship as well. This ancient profession disappeared as modernisation took hold. 

The Road to Jerusalem, Khaled Hourani, 2009. Panel Discussion
Jerusalem in the Palestinian Cultural Imaginary
A special session of Wednesday’s Conversation, in partnership with the Arab Culture Association*
Suhail Khoury, Rawan Sharaf, PhD, and Mohamad Abu AlFilat

Moderated by Salim Abu Thaher, PhD
Wednesday, 9 September | 19:00–20:30
Language: Arabic
Place: Zoom link  https://zoom.us/j/91631142811

The discussion examines representations of Jerusalem in the Palestinian cultural imaginary and approaches culture in its broad sense on three levels: Arabic and Palestinian song; Palestinian visual arts; and Arabic literature. It seeks to review how this imaginary was formed in relation to Jerusalem through the above-mentioned elements and their interplay within people’s lives.

*Wednesday’s Conversation is a discussion programme created and produced by the Arab Culture Association in Haifa. This special episode is presented in partnership with the Palestinian Museum.

Curators’ Tour
Printed in Jerusalem: Mustamloun
Curator Baha Jubeh 

Sunday, 13 September | 14:00–15:00
Language: Arabic. English available upon prior request.
Place: The Palestinian Museum

Join us on a guided tour of Printed in Jerusalem: Mustamloun, with curator Baha Jubeh.
The exhibition explores the relation between Jerusalemites and publications printed in their city, be their content political, educational, commercial, cultural or touristic. It seeks to analyse the emergence and disappearance duality that was inherent to the publications of nascent social movements within the city, movements that contended with the governing institutions and tools of censorship they imposed on Jerusalem’s urban fabric.

Limited admission, please register: activities@palmuseum.org

Sound Installation
Cited Silence
Musician and Producer Muqata’a

Monday, 14 September | 18:00
Place: Palestinian Museum social media platforms

The artist uses recordings of modern as well as vintage printing equipment to compose an audio representation and response to the political, economic, and academic soundscape of Jerusalem. 

Theorizing the Archive, the Archive in the Palestinian Context
Salim Abu Thaher, PhD

Wednesday, 16 September | 11:00–12:00
Language: Arabic
Place: Zoom link  https://zoom.us/j/99423979225

The lecture discusses the philosophy of social history and the sociological and geographical dimensions and transformations witnessed by historical literature. It addresses perspectives and changes associated with the approaches, dissection and analysis of the major historical knowledge structures and narratives and discusses the reflection of these developments on the Global South and their archival manifestations locally.

Archive Preservation
Palestinian Museum Registrar Baha Jubeh

Wednesday, 23 September | 10:00–12:00
Language: Arabic
Place: Zoom

This online workshop focuses on archive conservation and preservation, with the aim of acquainting interested institutions and individuals with the Palestinian Museum’s Conservation for Digitisation project. It aims to raise awareness about the importance of conserving archive collections in Palestine and the Arab world while presenting an opportunity for institutions that work in this field to share and exchange experience and knowledge. The workshop will include a detailed explanation about the handling, conservation and preservation of archive materials, as well as their digitisation and archiving for public access.

Note: This workshop is tailored for archive conservation and preservation professionals.
Please register: activities@palmuseum.org

Educational Workshop Series
Conservation of Partially Damaged Documents
Baha Jubeh and Salim Abu Thaher, PhD

21, 24, 28, 30 September | 14:00–16:00
Language: Arabic
Place: the Palestinian Museum and Zoom

The back of a family photograph, a stamp on a birth certificate, or the margins of a sale receipt may prove to be the missing links that help complete an artwork or academic research. How do we go about finding such documents?

The workshop will outline the methods of research and historical analysis that can be employed by academics, artists and those working in the cultural sector to seek and obtain documents essential to their work.

Note: the workshop is tailored for university students, researchers and academics.
Limited admission, please register: activities@palmuseum.org

*Admission closed

The Commercial Press: 100 Years
Tewfic I. Habesch

Sunday, 27 September | 18:00
Language: Arabic
Place: Palestinian Museum Social Media Platforms

The talk sheds light on the history of the Commercial Press, established in Jerusalem in 1920 and still operational today as one of the city’s most notable presses. The Commercial Press has witnessed significant moments in history and has printed textbooks, literature and history books, in addition to advertising materials among other publications, all of which narrate stories and events in the history of the Holy City. Following unabated economic and political pressures and strife, the Commercial Press is in dire straits today and has been compelled to shut down by the end of this year.

Join us as we explore the history of the Commercial Press and commemorate its 100 years of contribution and pereseverance in the face of turmoil and occupation.

The preservation and conservation workshop series are generously funded by the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, in partnership with the UK Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS).

The lecture and discussion series are funded by Ghalia and Omar al-Qattan, part of their generous support of the Palestinian Museum’s Knowledge and Research Program.