Research Grants

 In the first initiative of its kind, the Palestinian Museum has announced 17 grants for research on Palestinian culture. The initiative comes in fulfilment of one of the key components of the Museum’s 2019–2023 strategic plan and is run by its newly-established research and knowledge department. The department’s programme is aimed at  fostering civic engagement and reflexion, producing and disseminating knowledge about Palestine, and addressing knowledge gaps about Palestinian history and culture. The department’s first annual programme is made possible by the generous support of Ghalia and Omar al-Qattan.

Accordingly, the Museum has issued an open call to academic and field researchers to submit papers on four main topics: ‘Art History in Palestine and its Discourses from the 19th Century until the Late-20th Century’; ‘The Palestinian Coast: from the Late Ottoman Period until the Present’; ‘History of Printing in Jerusalem’; and ‘New Perspectives on Contemporary Palestinian Culture’. 

Application Results Postponed
The announcement of research grants application results has been postponed until 15 July 2020 due to the exceptional present circumstances.

This research programme is generously funded by Ghalia and Omar Al-Qattan.

To read more about the research grants, click here.