Palestinian Journeys – An Interactive Timeline

The interactive historical timeline is designed as a tool to explore the social, economic, cultural and political history of Palestine from the mid-19th century to the present day.
Developed in collaboration with the Institute for Palestine Studies and Visualizing Palestine, it will be available online and within the Museum’s building in Birzeit in both Arabic and English, and will present a critical but colourful array of Palestinian narratives.

The Palestinian Museum Digital Archive

 The Museum’s digital archive will constitute a major component of the virtual platform of the Palestinian Museum. The Museum is developing an open-access, digital archive that can be regularly updated and which documents photographic, film, audio and other materials, and preserves them through digitization from loss, damage or expropriation. The archive is aimed at artists, researchers and the public, through the Museum’s virtual platform, and the virtual platforms of other partner institutions in Europe, in order to achieve the widest public outreach. The archive will include all the digital collections that the Museum had previously collected and digitised in other initiatives – including the Family Album project, which focused on exploring the photographic treasures Palestinians kept in their own homes and documenting them for future generations.