The Family Album
Your Pictures, Your Memory, Our History

The project seeks to present the intimate side of history in Palestine by unearthing the photographic treasures hidden away in so many Palestinian homes.

Timeframe/Location: This project is ongoing and targets Palestinian families both in Palestine and in the diaspora.

Process: Interviews are being held with the owners to contextualise the images before they are digitised and stored in an archive, which will eventually act as a collective visual representation of this intimate side of life, history, culture and society in Palestine.

Participate: If you have old photos that are connected to Palestine, and would like to participate in this project please contact us on or by calling (+972-2-2974947)

Open Portal: During the next few months, the Museum will launch an open portal where pictures collected during the project will be made available to the public for the first time. The pictures will be of high value for researchers and can also be used for educational purposes.

How to preserve your photos in 5 basic steps

Step 1: Handle photos with care.

Step 2: Keep your photos out of the sun, away from fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
Step 3: Do you have a priceless photo on display? Copy it and put the original away for safe-keeping. Display the copy.
Step 4: Do you know the names of the people and places depicted in the photo? You may be the only one! Write them down.
Step 5: To make notes on a photograph, write with a pencil.