Labour of Love: Embroidering Palestinian History
12 October 2022 – 28 January 2023
Qatar Museums Gallery – Katara

Curators: Baha Jubeh, Collections and Conservation Manager at The Palestinian Museum.

Palestinian dresses (thobes) are typically worn during special events and weddings, but this is not the full story. They are also daily-wear items with varied designs for different functions and occasions such as household work, fieldwork, and breastfeeding. The thobe is essential to the identity of the Palestinian woman, closely tied to her daily life, and accompanying her as she completes her various tasks. 
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A People by the Sea: Narratives of the Palestinian Coast
29 September 2021 – 31 May 2023
Guest curator: Inass Yassin
Assistant curator: Ahmad Al-Aqra'

A People by the Sea: Narratives of the Palestinian Coast sheds light on the history of the Palestinian coast. It considers possible futures by reviewing and reflecting on past experiences. Starting from the mid-18th century and ending in 1948, the exhibition allows for a re-examination of the Nakba through a presentation of two hundred years of historical landmarks. Read more