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November 2021 

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Third Annual Conference: The Future of Settler-colonialism in Palestine
Date: December 8th, 2021
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A night at the Museum! Two Evening tours in the Palestinian Museum:

Thursday, November 11th | 18:30-19:30
Location: The Palestinian Museum
The two tours will be in Arabic

A Guided Tour in the Palestinian Museum’s Collections Room: Heritage Dresses: Memory Trail
With Museum Registrar Baha Al-Jubeh

Join us to learn the story of 80 Palestinian embroidered dresses (thobes) that travelled from Palestine to the United States three decades ago. The thobes were acquired and preserved by Palestinian and Arab-American women from the Committee for the Preservation of Palestinian Heritage (CPPH), in Washington, D.C. This collection of thobes and accessories were recently returned to their homeland in Palestine and are to be preserved in the Palestinian Museum.

Exhibition Guided Tour
“A People by the Sea: Narratives of the Palestinian Coast (1748-1948)”
Assistant Curator: Malak Abdel Wahab

Join us for a guided tour of the Palestinian Museum’s Fifth Annual Exhibition, "A People by the Sea: Narratives of the Palestinian Coast". The assistant curator will shed light on various aspects of the new exhibition, including its main themes, the research process, and the production of commissioned artworks.

Snacks and refreshments will be served.

Art Workshop
Artist Shatha Al-Safadi

Thursday, November 11th | 10:00-14:00
Location: The Palestinian Museum
Language: Arabic
Age Group: 18+

Learn about Cyanotype, an unconventional method of photographic printing, which produces monochrome images in shades of blue.

Participants will learn how to make a special artistic painting using archival photos of the Palestinian coast from the Palestinian Museum's digital archive, as well as how to produce a picture consisting of several pieces.

Haifa & environs. Mt. Carmel and Haifa.Camel caravan on the sea shore_1889-1946_Library of Congress Guided Educational Tour of Haifa
A Tour of the Sea: From Wadi Nisnas to Wadi Jamal
In Partnership with Tijwal Safar

November 19th | 09:00-17:00
The tour will be in Arabic

The Palestinian Museum, in partnership with the Tijwal Safar team, organises an educational tour in Haifa to reconsider official historical narratives in light of oral histories that people “tell” about places, their social and cultural history, the changes that occurred due to colonialism, and the geographical rupture that disrupts unity among Palestinian cities.

The Tijwal Safar team organises guided tours throughout Palestine, with the motto: “Travel the land to make it yours.” This partnership stems from the Palestinian Museum’s belief in the importance of grounded and situated learning.

You can sign up, here

Guided Tour in Partnership with Baladna Youth Group
Return to Al-Mansheya Neighbourhood- Yafa

Friday, December 3rd | 09:30-13:30
The tour will be in Arabic

During the 1948 Nakba, Zionist gangs demolished and depopulated more than 531 villages, over 70 of which were along the Palestinian coast. Over a dozen urban centres met a similar fate. The demolition and depopulation of large parts of the cities, such as the Al-Mansheya neighbourhood in Yafa and the Al-Hisbah neighbourhood in Haifa, facilitated the crystallisation of the Zionist project on the ruins of Palestinian Arab cities and villages. The Palestinian Museum’s new exhibition, “A People by the Sea”, contemplates the issue of demolition through the destruction of Al-Mansheya. Although the city was majority Arab and to be part of the Palestinian state according to the United Nations partition plan, it was nevertheless attacked a few days after the fall of Haifa, and its people were forced to flee by land and sea to escape death.

The tour will use maps and pictures, search for historical evidence and antiquities, as well as discuss cultural and economic life as it unfolded at the time.

Please register using this email: activities@palmuseum.org

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