What’s On
October 2017

Interactive tour for university students from the occupied Palestine in 1948

Tuesday, October 3rd
11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Location: The Palestinian Museum

In collaboration with the Al-alta’reef Network, one of the Arab Culture Association’s projects, the Palestinian Museum will host a group of students from different universities in the occupied Palestine in 1948 to enjoy an interactive tour of the “Jerusalem Lives” exhibition, and to creatively engage with the unique space the Museum offers to its visitors. The students will strengthen their knowledge of Palestine’s history, present and future, the culture of the city and the life of its inhabitants and will also rethink their role in the making of the city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Lives Bazaar

Saturday, October 7th
11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Location: The Palestinian Museum

To strengthen the interaction with the small artisan enterprises that Jerusalemite women run, and in an attempt to protect and preserve the value of the city of Jerusalem at all levels, the Palestinian Museum is holding a special bazaar to shed light on the artistic and artisan capacities and resources of Jerusalemite women. The aim for them is to network and introduce their enterprises to the Palestinian local community. The museum will also host a music performance by Al-Ghilan and friends, a professional group from Jerusalem. There will be spaces for various engaging activities and events for children, where they can learn techniques for playdough and plasticine, moulding it into cartoon figures. They will also be able to go on a fictional journey with a hakawati (narrator) who will narrate several stories inspired by Jerusalem.

We cordially invite you to come and support the steadfastness of Jerusalemite women, buy some handmade gifts and spend a lovely family day. 
Political Tour of Jerusalem

Saturday, October 14th
10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Meeting point: The Jerusalem Hotel, Jerusalem

In collaboration with Grassroots Jerusalem

Join us for a political tour that reveals the political and grassroots reality of Jerusalem by exposing how Israeli policies continue to suffocate Jerusalem, Palestine's capital.

The tour begins with a 45-minute narrative explaining the historical context of the political situation of the city of Jerusalem. Following this we embark on a 2 and a half hours tour of the city. The tour includes six stops across the Jerusalem District where we will explore issues such as the economy, education, health, home demolitions, the legal status of residents and settlement expansion.

Participation fees: 40 ILS. Places are limited. Please book by e-mail at: activities@palmuseum.org
The tour is in Arabic.


Silwan: Challenges and Prospects
Wednesday, October 18th
5:00 pm
Location: The Palestinian Museum

A lecture that addresses different aspects related to the town of Silwan, during which the speakers will address the legal dimension of settlement expansion, house demolitions and the Israeli plans in Silwan. Professor Ashraf A’war, the legal adviser for the Committee for the Defence of the Lands of Silwan, will discuss the legal status and Israeli legal procedures, while committee member Fakhri Abu Diab will present some of the efforts that are being exerted in the defence of Silwan. Daoud Al-Ghoul, a researcher with a master’s degree in Jerusalem Studies, will also give an overview of the situation in general and the daily problems that the people of Silwan face.

Zatoune wa Manqousheh (Olives and Palestinian pastry with thyme “za’atar”)

Friday, October 20
10:00 pm    
Location: The Palestinian Museum

Join the Palestinian Museum team for a day full of popular foods and adventures. You will eat manqoush and traditional bread with labneh (strained yoghurt) and za’atar, and drink tea and coffee on the terrace overlooking the Museum’s gardens. We will also pick and pickle olives together.  

Family Encounters with Artists

“Upcycling Wood to Build a Playhouse”

Friday, October 27th
2:00 – 6:00 pm
Location: Silwan - Jerusalem

This workshop will take place at Al-Bustan Association in Silwan as part of the “Jerusalem Lives” public programme which aims to create continuous collaboration with a group of civil Jerusalemite institutions.

Twenty Jerusalemite families will participate in a two-session workshop to build a permanent installation, a hybrid structure between a Palestinian areesha and a playhouse from upcycled wood to reinforce their sense of belonging to Silwan. This areesha-playhouse will become a gathering space for many Jerusalemites, specifically children, and a learning environment where kids can play, make art, read stories and have fun.

Limited admission. To register, please contact us at activities@palmuseum.org

An exciting dialogue and an appetizing lunch

Food and bakeries in the Old City of Jerusalem

Saturday, October 28th
1:00 – 5:00 pm
The dialogue session will be at 3:00 pm

Location: The Palestinian Museum

Get to know Jerusalem’s popular dishes through tasting ten of the most popular ones, as offered by Jerusalemite women. Join us for a dialogue session with Amal Nashashibi about linking the history of Palestine, through mythology, with eating habits, connecting them with the natural environment of the city and tracing them in the Old City of Jerusalem through the history and evolution of bakeries and their availability in residential areas.

Vivian Sansour will address the relationship between eating customs and other related agricultural-cultural practices, the history of agriculture and the importance of preserving our living heritage through the seeds that carry in their DNA our biological and cultural identities. She will explain that preserving our biodiversity begins in our fields and kitchens and at our dinner tables.

Family Encounters with Artists

“Collage Lab: A Map from Scratch”

Saturday, October 28th
3:00 – 5:30 pm
Location: The Palestinian Museum

This workshop will be conducted via video conference between the Palestinian Museum and the A.M. Qattan Foundation’s Child Centre in Gaza.

This family workshop is inspired by the seminal work of Grassroots Jerusalem, one of the partner institutions in the “Jerusalem Lives” exhibition, on taking agency into our own hands, imagining and mapping our own city, Jerusalem. The participating children, young people and their parents will work together with the help of the professional collage artist, Lubna Taha, to rethink their perceptions of the city of Jerusalem, and the neoliberal colonial and imperial challenges the city faces. After this, the participants will carve out a fiction of their existence through designing a map for Jerusalem after 10 years, through collaging different media. The outcomes of the workshop will be uploaded onto the museum’s website so that the public can see and engage with the results.

Limited admission. To register, please contact us at activities@palmuseum.org

School Visits

Over the month of October, the museum will student groups. Students aged 11 to 14 will have the opportunity to explore the political, economical, ideological, cultural and environmental aspects of globalisation in Jerusalem through a programme designed specifically for each age group, allowing children and young adults to research, watch, listen, reflect and create. Students will be taken on a journey of discovery through the aesthetics and creativity behind the commissioned artworks exhibited in the museum. They will participate in a Treasure Hunt, an entertaining and educational game that fosters openness, imagination and an appreciation of nature.

To book a school visit to the Palestinian Museum, please register at activities@palmuseum.org

Interactive Tours for University Students

The Palestinian Museum will organize specialized interactive tours of the “Jerusalem Lives” exhibition. These in-depth tours will draw on the core theme of the exhibition, focusing on and exploring the political, economical, social, ideological and cultural aspects. The tour will also approach the exhibition from an artistic perspective and from the point of view of production. Afterwards, the students will be given the chance to roam freely around the multifarious spaces of the Museum and learn about its unique architecture and its features as a green building.

To book an interactive tour, please contact us at activities@palmuseum.org