Photo: The Arab commercial center outside Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, on strike during the al-Buraq revolution, August 1929. Khalil Raad Collection

Calling on artists of the world to take action

We, Palestinian artists and arts organizations, strongly condemn the massacres perpetrated by the Israeli army against innocent civilians in Gaza. Israel intentionally targets inhabited private homes with its bombs killing and injuring hundreds of children, women, and men. This targeting is a blatant war crime, for which Israel should be held accountable. We also condemn the Israeli authority's attempts throughout the holy month of Ramadan to ban worshipers from the most sacred of their shrines, the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Moslems were deliberately shot at and teargassed while praying. The same attempts happened against Christians while struggling to reach the Holy Sepulcher to take part in the mass and celebrations of Easter. Israeli authorities are also continuing their bid to uproot twenty-eight families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem and instill fascist settlers in their place. During the last few weeks, Israeli authorities arrested thousands of young Palestinians from peaceful demonstrations. Israel should not be able to get away with its flagrant crimes against humanity.

We call on artists and arts organizations of the world to take immediate action to curb Israel. Demand that Israel stops the war on Gaza, ends its attempts to evict Sheikh Jarrah, halts its attacks on the Aqsa mosque, gives free passage to all Palestinians to their holy sites, and free all prisoners.

We call on you, artists of the world, to boycott Israel and ask your fans and followers to take action and reject Israeli products. Artists have the power to help end this atrocity by taking a stand for justice and human rights.  We ask for your solidarity and support to end the Israeli occupation. Petition your governments to impose sanctions on Israel and expose their crimes against our people.

You can also share these hashtags on your social media, lobby your MPs, and march for justice in Palestine.