Museum from Home

Dear friends, 
Hoping this finds you well and safe.

Following precautionary measures taken worldwide to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, the Palestinian Museum has closed its doors to the public. As Palestinians, we have known invasions, sieges and curfews and have had unique experiences with popular education. We overcame those trials with resolve, and today we do the same: persevere.

We opened in 2016 as a transnational museum, and now launch our Museum from Home. Palestine Perseveres campaign to provide cultural and educational content for all ages. Follow us on our social media platforms and YouTube channel.

Adila Laïdi-Hanieh, Ph.D.
Director General of the Palestinian Museum

Welcome to the virtual tour of Glimmer of a Grove Beyond show
and the permanent collection of the Palestinian Museum

Welcome to the virtual tour of Jerusalem Lives exhibition 

Let’s Document our Family History and Share it
When was the last time you opened up a family album and shared its stories?
Our phones and digital photos deny us the pleasure of contemplating the visual details and the stories contained in photographic prints.

Our Mini Museums, Let's Preserve them
There is a mini museum in every home, featuring photographs, books and documents. How about a fun family activity to explore our mini museums and preserve them? Let’s Join Museum Registrar, Baha Jubeh in this short video.

Welcome to our virtual gallery
Featuring artworks by talented individuals from our community. Some are novice artists while others are more experienced, but most of the works featured here were created from household materials

Nedal Asmar, Untitled. Olives.
Ibrahim al-Azzeh, Untitled. Ceramic, wood and paper.
Wesam Al Asali (IWlab) and Sofia Singler, It Washes Away II: Aleppo Soap Aleppo Soap.
Amani Albaba Barakat, Untitled.
Aisha Stockton-Noble, Untitled. Water colour on paper.
Nourah Sammar, Untitled. Cloth and silk string.
Jasmin, Untitled. Acrylic on canvas.
Celine Obeid, Untitled. Acrylic on canvas.
Celine Obeid, Untitled. Acrylic on canvas.
Shade Tawafra, Jaffa Girl. Charcoal and black acrylic on Bristol paper.
Duha Mohammad, Untitled.Wood, nails, coloured string.
Ola Zaitoun, the Silent Voice Glass jar, labaneh and olive oil.
Adham Madhoun, Dignity. Acrylic on canvas.
Nahed Bourini, Map of Palestine. Stone, carton, paint on canvas, copper wire, clock parts, hands, screws and gears.