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Curators: Curatorial theme by Wafa Roz


Tracing the Hijaz Railway
Produced and presented by Haneen Saleh
Contributing researcher: Marah Khalifeh

The podcast traces the Hijaz railway and examines Palestine’s position along its route at a time when Palestine was linked seamlessly to its Arab surroundings.

What are the social and political dimensions of the Hijaz railway? How does geography impact linkage and disconnection? 

“An Orange Grove’s Recollection”, a special podcast marking the 73rd anniversary of the Nakba, produced and presented by Jinan Silwadi.
How does a place vanish completely from the imagination? How does a scent evoke within us the sense of a faraway place? Where does memory hide, only to return sharp as a knife?
In this podcast, we’ll discover Hoda Batshoun’s journey of exile from Jaffa, the exile of her memory itself and its sudden, unexpected return.

Listen to this Camp Podcast episode, which sheds light on the architecture of Palestinian refugee camps, focusing on the Dheisheh camp in the Bethlehem area and the Wihdat camp in the Greater Amman area in Jordan. Through the lens of architecture, we explore the concepts and practices of the right of return, social and political relations, and the dream of liberation.

Special guests are Anas Alkhatib from Dheisheh Camp and Nama’a Qudah from Wihdat Camp.

Research, preparation, and presentation: Marah Khalifeh-Palestinian Museum Research and Programme Officer, in partnership with Sowt Podcasts.

Stories from Palestine

Ibrahim Tuqan and the making of "Mawtini"
II. Early Mandate Period
The dramatic arts in Palestine, 1900 to 1948
The life and times of Nuh Ibrahim, poet of the 1936 Revolt



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