The Palestinian Museum Ambassadors 

Museum Ambassadors at the Palestinian Museum are a mobile source of information that connects the Museum’s team with the public. Their role is to work outside the museum, within the university premises, among a circle of friends and/or in any event they may be involved in to introduce people to the Palestinian Museum and to communicate the different events hosted by the museum.

The Ambassadors will represent the Palestinian Museum with integrity and enthusiasm and will be responsible for community-building and initiating a museum culture as well as sharing the Museum’s vision. An ambassador should be an advocate of the Palestinian Museum’s different projects and exhibitions, they should also engage with university students to encourage and raise their interest in the Palestinian Museum through organising group gatherings, classes or different students’ assemblies, giving a brief about the museum, and extending an invitation to visit exhibitions and the Museum gardens. read more

Children's Workshop
An Educational Art Programme for School Children on the Theme 'This sea is Mine'
This series of workshops are based on Qi's theme 'This Sea is Mine' where school children, with the assistance of a Palestinian artist, will explore the meaning and connotation of the sea in their lives, and how they can express thier reflections of the sea through different art works.

In addition to the symposia series, the Palestinian Museum organises a set of tours
The Palestinian Museum is organising guided tours to its building in Birzeit.