What’s On
 November 2018

By Sireen Khass
Presentation on the Results of the
‘Art Direction and Image Making in Fashion’ Workshop

Sunday, November 4 | 15:00-17:00

We invite you to join us at the Palestinian Museum to discover the process and outcome of the workshop led by Kegham Djeghalian.

The presentation will showcase the video and photo work of the 16 participants through this intensive workshop. The workshop was centered around the approach and global methodology of concept development, narrative building and story telling after a theoretical initiation to the significance of the image, the fashion system, visual identity & branding, representation & signification in fashion photography among other thematics.

The series of accumulative practical projects of the workshop were rooted in the ‘Context, Narrative & Interpretation Game’ whose starting point was to semantically interpret the word ‘resistance’ in visuals based on the subjective vision and personal identity of the participants.

The workshop participants are: Mohammad Amous, Azeez Azeez, Ahmad Sanduka, Siwar Nabulsi, Leen Nabulsi, Reham Abdelrahman, Wanda Handal, Hiba sleem, Yazan Tayyah, Eyas Jaber, Sireen Khass, Aya Kirresh, Mariam Abdallah Khdour, Ahlam Bsharat, Haneen Nazzal, Ghada Khalil

Ahmed Hegazi, 'Liberation, Victory, Return', published by PLO Unified Information, 1978.

Presentation on the Results of the
‘Solidarity Revival’ Workshop

Tuesday, November 13 | 14:30 – 16:00

Over the course of several days in October, ‘Solidarity Revival’ Workshop participants were introduced to the history of the Palestinian poster, how to read and analyze it, and examined the movement of international solidarity with Palestine and Palestinian solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the world through the medium of posters. The revolutionary environment in which the concept of solidarity with Palestine gained momentum in in the late 1960’s was powerfully expressed through art, and most effectively through posters that became compelling visual tools of recognition and support within an international network of solidarity.

The revolution posters, particularly of Palestinian posters expressing solidarity with people in equal straits, declined as Palestinian need superseded dynamic expression of reciprocity with other oppressed peoples. The Palestinian Museum attempts, through art, to bring Palestine back to the arena of mutual solidarity.

The participants will discuss and showcase the posters produced during the workshop, expressing solidarity with current crises and causes in Yemen, Syria, Venezuela, Africa, and other countries.

The posters made during the workshop reflects participant’s opinions and does not necessarily reflect the views of the Palestinian Museum.

Palestinian Lyrical Heritage

Tuesday, November 27 | 14:00 - 15:00
Speaker: Naila Libbes

Embroidery, along with music and folkloric dancing, played a pivotal role in portraying Palestinian culture throughout the world, especially after the Nakba. Like embroidery, popular songs are considered a vital component of Palestinian heritage, revealing the unwritten history of Palestinian social life.

Accompanied by Palestinian lyrical heritage researcher, Naila Libbes, we will tour the exhibition Labour of Love and listen to the folkloric music that accompanies the exhibition. Through the songs, we will explore aspects of Palestinian history and learn about the development and production of popular songs. Ms. Libbes will also talk about her experience in researching, documenting, and preserving Palestinian lyrical heritage throughout the years.

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