“Palestine, the Holy Land”, a poster issued by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
From the Sanabel Centre for Studies and Patrimony collection, the Palestinian Museum Digital Archive
Open Call for Participation in a Poster Design Workshop Series
Reveries of Blue
With graphic designer Maya Chami

The workshop series explores the iconography and visual elements that have been employed to represent the coast in Palestinian political posters. It probes the fate of Palestine as it relates to the coast historically, and the manifestations and representations of the coast’s presence and absence in the lives of Palestinians. The knowledge gained by participants in the workshop will inform their own poster designs.

First Session (Fundamentals)
This session is geared towards the study of the elements of design and the way in which they may interact to form meaning. How do these elements become iconography? Participants will transform reality-based visual elements, of the Palestinian coast in this case, into design iconography and compositions via a progression towards abstraction, from simplification to reduction, arriving at basic geometric shapes, and so on.

Second Session (Presentation)
In this session, iconography is transformed into meaningful symbols that relate to Palestinian collective visual memory. The composition of a poster and its elements are broken down, and participants practice laying out and connecting these various elements. They also learn the techniques of the medium, including illustration, printing, photography, geometry, and ultimately, text and slogan creation. These concepts are outlined for participants in detailed visual presentations.

Third Session (Implementation and Analysis)
This session is dedicated to a critical group discussion among Participants of their final works.

Fourth Session (Assembly and Evaluation)
In the final session, participants have the opportunity to present their works to the Museum’s curatorial team and to persuade them to make use of their designs and present them to the public.

For those who wish to participate, please send the following to activities@palmuseum.org:
- CV
- Portfolio of graphic design work
- Reasons for interest in workshop participation

Applications will be reviewed by a special committee, and selected participants will be notified one week prior to the first session of the workshop.

Deadline for application is 6 March 2021. Only complete applications will be considered.