Public and Education Programme of Intimate Terrains

The Public and Education Programme includes a series of workshops, activities and educational programmes targeted at students and families. These include; art workshops, interactive tours, family and study days, and a series of lectures, seminars, and intellectual encounters that are planned around the monthly themes of the exhibition Intimate Terrains, Representations of a Disappearing Landscape: April: Ecosystem, May: Palestine in Western representations, June: Visual Arts, July: Cultural Heritage, August: Geography, September: Architecture under occupation, October: Movement, November: Literature, December: Political history and negotiations.

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Public and Education Programme of Labour of Love

Labour of Love is accompanied by a public programme of talks and events in parallel to the exhibition. These address the exhibition's key ideas and themes, and include an interactive educational program tailored for children, schools, and university students. The latter draws upon learning materials developed specifically for the exhibition.

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Public Programme of Jerusalem Lives

The public programme of the Jerusalem Lives exhibition seeks to instigate a continuous state of direct cooperation with the social, national and civic institutions in Jerusalem that create the stories of collective resistance, reinforce Jerusalemites’ perseverance and provide them with real support.
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The dance theatre performance Against a Hard Surface

“Against a Hard Surface” is a poetic, political dance theatre piece by Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre (YDST), a non-profit organisation based in New York City and Palestine. The performance was created by YSDT’s Artistic Director Samar Haddad King and the theatre director Amir Nizar Zuabi, and was produced in cooperation with the Palestinian Museum.

The performance discusses the long-term impact of living under occupation. The 70- minute performance attempts to explore the mechanisms that lead to shaping the attributes of survival and sustainability amid an environment that acquiesces under extreme pressure. The natural evolution is expedited by political tension and violence. At a time when checkpoints and the Apartheid Wall continue to cut Palestinians off from the world, this isolated environment and other elements constitute an experimentation field for the extent of the flexibility and adaptability of the human race.

“Against a Hard Surface” was produced in partnership with the Ramallah First Troupe, and with the support of the A.M. Qattan Foundation’s 2016 Performance Award and the Sofia Linch Foundation.


In line with its interest in the contemporary arts, the Palestinian Museum is a major partner in the Qalandia International.

Was founded in 2012 as a joint contemporary art event that takes place every two years across Palestinian cities and villages. Qi aims to place Palestine on the world’s cultural map by producing a series of exhibitions, as well as performances, talks, film screenings, workshops and tours that open up channels for dialogue and exchange, both locally and internationally. As a partnership between art and culture organizations, Qi works collectively to join forces to unify a fragmented geography.

Qi2016, ‘This Sea is Mine’, launches between 5 to 31 October, crossing the borders of Palestine to Amman, Beirut and London, contemplating return and refuge for Palestine and the region.

In 2014, the Palestinian Museum participated in Qalandiya International Biennale for the first time. Titled “Archives, Lived and Shared”, Qalandiya International II was launched on 22 October and ran until 15 November. read more

Qalandiya International 2016
This Sea is Mine

In an attempt to suggest a different point of entry and to dust off the layers of repetitive manifestations of the Nakba and imagined “Return”, Qalandiya International adopts “This Sea is Mine” as the title of Qi 2016. The Sea, which has inadvertently been omitted from our narrative and the agendas of our politicians, and subsequently been transformed into another component of the siege, or a trap for those fleeing death, could potentially elevate the question of this right from the possibilities of politics to the realm of obviousness. It may be able to position Palestine and the Palestinians in their rightful historic and geographical place and enable us to reclaim our organic ties with the future and the world.