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January 2022

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Artist of the Month

We host an artist, to highlight her/his artistic achievements, personal experience(s), methods, and contributions; in conjunction with the Museum’s A People by the Sea exhibition.
January Artist: Bashar Khalaf


Night at the Museum

Sunday, January 16th | 9:00 - 19:00
Location: the Palestinian Museum

The Palestinian Museum offers extended visiting hours, to allow you the opportunity to visit the exhibition A People by the Sea: Narratives of the Palestinian Coast, and to enjoy Museum facilities.

Artist Talk
Bashar Khalaf

Sunday, January 16th | 16:00 - 17:00
Location: the Palestinian Museum
Language: Arabic

Join the conversation with artist Bashar Khalaf as he discusses his commissioned artwork Live the Dream, now shown within the A People by the Sea exhibition.

Khalaf regularly observes the streets of Ramallah, and uses them in his practice, as in his series In Search for a Self-Portrait (2019) where he tackles commercial advertisements. He scrutinizes closely and with concern the commodification that dominates our visual memory and contributes to the destabilisation of young generations’ immediate memory.

About the Artist
Palestinian artist and visual arts educator, Bashar Khalaf was born in Rantis town (northwestern Ramallah) in 1991. He holds a BFA from Al-Quds University. Khalaf works and lives in Ramallah.  

Khalaf has produced several artworks over the course of years, among which are Al Hoash Auction (2015), Assassination (2018), and Near I Can’t See, and Far Away Right in Front of Me (2017). He also participated in several solo and group exhibitions, among which are: 2016 Shadow of the Shadows and 2018 Perceptual Immunity at Gallery One Ramallah, and his 2019 In Search for a Self- Portrait exhibition at Zawaya Gallery in Ramallah.
Khalaf won the “YAYA” Young Artist Competition Award (2014) awarded by the A. M. Qattan Foundation, the Ismail Shammout Award for Fine Arts (2015), and the Young Creators’ State Appreciation Award (2017). 

Exhibition Guided Tour
A People by the Sea: Narratives of the Palestinian Coast (1748-1948)

Assistant Curator: Malak Abdel Wahab
Monday, January 17th | 12:00-13:00
Location: the Palestinian Museum
Language: Arabic
Join us for a guided tour of the Palestinian Museum’s Fifth Annual Exhibition, A People by the Sea. The tour sheds light on the new exhibition’s main themes, research process, and commissioned art and design works.

Bashar Khalaf, Live the Dream, 2020-2021. Oil on canvas, 300 x 180 cm. Courtesy of the artist.
Live the Dream by Artist: Bashar Khalaf

Sunday, January 23rd | 17:00-18:00
Location: the Palestinian Museum’s Social Media Platforms
Language: Arabic

Bashar Khalaf’s work explores the geographical isolation that Palestinians experience. He presents an alternative image to the lost archive of the coastal areas which disappeared in 1948. In his painting Live the Dream, the artist uses a large advertising banner for “Coca-Cola” with its logo. The ad’s visual immensity dominates the scenery that had once offered, from a spot in downtown Ramallah, an aerial view of the coast. The metaphor implies an alternative sea, and thus an alternative dream.

Theatrical Narrative
Lanterns of the King of Galilee

Playwright: Amer Hlehel
Adapted from the eponymous novel by Ibrahim Nasrallah.
Cast: Amer Khalil, Fidaa Zidan, Mohammad Basha, Mouna Hawa, Adeeb Safadi, Alaa Abu Gharbieh, and Amer Hlehel.

Saturday, January 29th | 18:00-19:10
Location: the Palestinian Museum’s Social Media Platforms
Language: Arabic

The reading delves into the world of Galilee ruler Daher al-Umar during his most difficult battles and explores his quest for autonomy from Ottoman rule.

The Museum’s current exhibition navigates different historical and literary narratives, as a backdrop to the exploration of the legacy of Daher al-Umar. 

Highlight of the Month

The Palestinian Museum Digital Archive 
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