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September 2021 

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A Guided Tour in the Palestinian Museum's Collections Room
Heritage Dresses: Memory Trail

With Museum Registrar Baha Al-Jubeh
Monday, September 6 | 14:30 - 15:30
Location: the Palestinian Museum
The tour is in Arabic

Join us to learn the story of 80 Palestinian embroidered dresses that traveled from Palestine to the United States three decades ago. They were acquired and preserved by Palestinian and Arab-American members of the Committee for the Preservation of Palestinian Heritage (CPPH), in Washington, DC. The collection with its accessories has finally made it home, in Palestine, where it will be conserved at the Palestinian Museum.

Space is limited. Please register for the tour by send an email to:  activities@palmuseum.org

Sherif Sarhan, Microscopy, Restoring Sight, 2020-2021. Sea water sample captured from a site opposite Gaza City, on December 3, 2020, 140 x 200 cm.
Artist Talk
Artist: Sherif Sarhan

Tuesday, September 14 | 17:00 - 18:00 
Location: the Palestinian Museum 
Language: Arabic

Join the conversation with Palestinian artist Sherif Sarhan, where he speaks about the themes of his artwork Microscopy, Restoring Sight.

The Palestinian coastline extends to 240 km from Ras Al-Naqoura in the north to Rafah in the south. It has witnessed deep geological transformations that were accompanied by changes in the relationship between the people of Palestine and the coast. This work investigates the relationship between Palestinians and their coast, by means of tracing the geological elements of the Palestinian coast.

Sherif Sarhan
Sherif Sarhan was born in Gaza in 1976. He is an artist and photographer. He holds a diploma in arts from the International Correspondence School in the United States. He is a founding member of Shababeek for Contemporary Art from Gaza, and a member of the Palestinian Artists Association. He participated in the Darat Al Funun Summer Academy under the supervision of Marwan Kassab Bachi.  

Sarhan won the Bronze Award in 2008 and the Appreciation Award in 2007 in the competition organized by the Union of Arab Photographers. He published a book of his photographs titled "Gaza Lives On." His artwork was exhibited in Gaza, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Amman, the UK, and in the US.

Ask a Curator
Inass Yassin, guest curator of 
A People by the Sea: Narratives of the Palestinian Coast Exhibition

Wednesday, September 15 | 18:00 - 18:45
Location: the Palestinian Museum Instagram platform
Language: Arabic

In an open online interview on the Instagram platform, guest curator Inass Yassin will be available to answer audience's inquiries and questions about the new A People by the Sea Exhibition. She will speak about her personal journey as curator, and an artist. You are invited to dialogue with the curator about themes and subjects pertaining to the exhibition. 

Participants are invited to leave their questions in the comments box during the session, or to send their questions via the various platforms on our social media.

This interview is part of the global event, "Ask a Curator Day," with participating museums around the world attempting to harness social networking power to solicit effective participation from the public. This event is organised by Museum Next. 

The coast of 1948 Palestine, probably Jaffa between 1920-1923. © Image courtesy of Frank Scholten, Nino Collection, The Netherlands Institute for the Near East, Leiden.
Inaugural Symposium
The Palestinian Coast in the Imaginary: Dialectics of History and the Novel

Speakers: Novelist Ibrahim Nasrallah, Anton Shalhat,
Adel Manna, PhD, Mahmoud Yazbek, PhD,
guest curator Inass Yassin, and Adila Laïdi-Hanieh, PhD.

Wednesday, September 22 | 16:00 - 20:30  
Location: the Palestinian Museum
Language: Arabic

This symposium focuses on the construction of consciousness and the shaping of the Palestinian imaginary with regards to the Palestinian coast on the historical, geographical, and cultural levels. The discussion takes its point of departure from the concepts of the Palestinian Museum’s exhibition A People by the Sea: Narratives from the Palestinian Coast. The Exhibition tackles the history of the Palestinian coast starting from the period of Daher Al-Omar until the Nakba.

Adel Manna
Palestinian historian specialized in the history of Palestine in the Ottoman era, and researcher in Israeli studies focusing on Palestinians who remained after the Nakba. He has held the position of professor of history for several decades at Palestinian and Israeli universities, including: Birzeit University and The Hebrew University. He published three books with the Institute of Palestine Studies on the District of Jerusalem, and on Palestine, in general, during the Ottoman era.  Dr Manna was a historical advisor to the new Palestinian Museum exhibition A People by the Sea.

Ibrahim Nasrallah
Palestinian-Jordanian novelist and writer. He published several novels, that span 250 years of Palestine's history. His works have been translated into English, Italian and Danish. He won the Katara Prize, for a second time, in recognition of his novel A Military Tank Under the Christmas Tree.

Anton Shalhat
a researcher in Israeli affairs, translator, and published author of literary criticism. He is the director of the Israeli Scene Department at the Madar Research Center.

Inass Yassin
artist and curator. Her multi-media art practice addresses urban and social transformations in Palestine since the late 1980s. She was the director of the Birzeit University Museum between 2010-2017. She received an MFA from Maine College of Art in the US, and an MA from the University of Southampton in the UK.

Mahmoud Yazbek
Palestinian historian and researcher. He is a lecturer in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Haifa. He specializes in the history of the Middle East and the social and political history of Palestinians, and the Palestinian society in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Dr Yazbek was a historical advisor to the new Palestinian Museum exhibition A People by the Sea.

Wadi al-Salib neighborhood, Haifa, 2008. Photo from archive materials.
Open Call: Registration
Short Films Production Workshop
Re-montage of archive materials from the Wadi al-Saleeb neighborhood in Haifa

With director and producer: Salim Abu Jabal
September 5 - 18, 2021
The workshop meetings will be held in Arabic via Zoom 
The workshop target group: Media and Film making students,
and emerging young filmmakers

During the workshop, archival film materials available for the Wadi al-Saleeb neighborhood in Haifa will be reworked by a group of students from the faculties of media and cinema, in addition to young emerging filmmakers. The main aim of the workshop is to produce short films in the formats of documentary, video-art and experimental, with a duration of 3-5 minutes. The films will be screened at the end of the workshop and will be preserved in the archives of the Palestinian Museum.

The workshop begins in October and runs until mid-November 2021

Salim Abu Jabal
Salim Abu Jabal is a producer and director. He studied theater, Arabic literature and scriptwriting. He worked as a journalist and film critic, in addition to his work as cast director on several Palestinian and international films. He also worked as a production manager for several documentaries and TV shows. His documentary film "Roshmia" (2015) won 13 awards from Arab and international festivals.

Map of the land of Canaan, 1696. Amjad Ghannam collection, the Palestinian Museum Digital Archiv. 
Unforgettable: Palestine in Two Thousand Years of Documentation

Salman Abu Sitta, PhD, in dialogue with Johnny Mansour, PhD.
Sunday, October 24 | 13:00 - 14:30
Location: the Palestinian Museum
Lecture in Arabic

Historian Salman Abu Sitta, PhD, will discuss his ongoing project of documenting Palestine- the land and the people- spatially and socially. Through his mega projects, Atlases of Palestine (1877,1948.200) and the most famous one Atlas Palestine 1917-1966, Abu Sitta drew a Palestinian map that that documents 50000 places. Abu Sitta’s aim is to build the future Palestine through proposing the return plan, and reclaiming the land, and achieving the right of return

Johnny Mansour
a lecturer and historian, he holds a PhD from Saint Petersburg University . His research interests include: The history of Islam and the modern Middle East, Arab Christians in Palestine, and the Middle East, the Arab Israeli conflict, and the Palestinian city; Coastal cities in particular.

Salman Abu Sitta
a Palestinian academic best known for his ground-breaking work formulating a practical return plan for Palestinian refugees. He is the founder and president of the Palestine Land Society in London. His work is devoted to the mapping of Palestine.

He is the author of The Atlas of Palestine 1917-1966 (2010) published in English and Arabic and Mapping My Return. Abu Sitta has published over 300 research papers and articles on Palestinian refugees, the right of return, the history of the Nakba, and human rights, his archival collection and working files form the backbone of the Palestine Land Studies Center at the American University of Beirut.

Abdulrahim Mahmoud with His Teacher and Colleagues at an-Najah National School, Nablus, 1931
Highlight of the Month

The Palestinian Museum Digital Archive
Poet Abdulrahim Mahmoud Collection, to read more click here