Security Guard & Support Staff Member

Title: Security Guard & Support Staff Member

Department: Facilities Unit

Supervisor: Facilities Unit Manager

Scope of work: Security and support services

Main Tasks and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the Facilities Unit Manager, the security guard shall carry out the work of guarding the building and its facilities, maintaining its security and the safety of its visitors and employees, dealing with security incidents and violations, assisting in organising various events per the instructions and guidelines of their supervisor and work plans, and carrying out the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Participate in all security and safety operations at the site, address them when they occur, and prevent their escalation.
  2. Conducting internal and external patrols of the site during working days, holidays, vacations, and night shifts that cover all internal and external facilities and spaces of the Museum. This includes the building’s surroundings, gardens, streets, and areas neighbouring the fencing/external perimeters.
  3. Monitor surveillance systems and camera screens with high concentration to cover all building sections.
  4. During patrols, verify the operation of security devices and various building systems, such as alarm systems and surveillance cameras. Any malfunctions in the systems must be reported directly, as must any emergencies, such as water leakage or the presence of unusual sounds.
  5. Initiate a preliminary investigation into problems and incidents that occur at the site, whether referred to by officials or discovered by the Security and Safety Department.
  6. Document all incidents and issues observed during the patrols and submit the necessary reports to the relevant department to take the necessary measures.
  7. Maintaining orderliness and coordinating the entry of visitors and employees onto the Museum site, whether as pedestrians or in vehicles. The latter includes organising parking suitable for the transportation type in question, whether during working days and official hours of operation or the Museum’s various events.
  8. Directing and assisting visitors including by directing them around the Museum and coordinating their movement throughout Museum facilities.
  9. Interacting courteously and behaving politely with all visitors, making sure to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their visit.
  10. Deal with caution and good judgement in the event of suspicion of unusual behaviour by a visitor, making sure to maintain a demeanour of calm and not cause panic.
  11. Adherence to the official uniform, and maintaining proper appearance and personal hygiene.
  12. Among requested tasks during shift periods is to carry out any work requested by the direct supervisor, such as assisting in various activities and the necessary preparations for them, and any maintenance work, whether routine or emergency, for buildings and equipment such as painting walls, laying tiles, any electromechanical work, and cleaning solar panels, all under the supervision of the direct supervisor.
  13. Driving the Museum company car and completing any logistical operations, correspondence, and external tasks assigned as needed.

Scope of Prerogatives and Supervision

The Security Guard & Support Staff Member is fully responsible for maintaining the security and safety of the Museum building and its facilities.

  • Direct subordinates: None
  • Internal relationships: With the other Facilities Unit team members
  • External relationships: None

Job Requirements

Academic qualifications and work experience:

  • Ability to understand and speak English.
  • Good conduct, behaviour and clean security record.
  • Commitment to working hours and shifts, especially at night.
  • Preferably a holder of the General Secondary School Certificate (Tawjihi) or an intermediate diploma qualification.
  • Preference is given to those with certificates for courses related to public safety.
  • Experience in various building and equipment maintenance work.

Personal Characteristics:

  • Punctuality
  • Concentration and logical thinking
  • Calm temperament and composed
  • Tact in speech and a cheerful disposition
  • Good listening and comprehension skills along with situational awareness
  • Proper appearance and strong build
  • Ability to handle awkward situations wisely
  • Trustworthiness and honesty
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