The Palestinian Museum has succeeded in establishing the nucleus of its permanent collection through acquisitions within the criteria of its collection management policy. The Museum always seeks to develop, add to, document, and display the permanent collection within its various exhibitions, in line with its objectives of conserving, documenting, and making Palestinian heritage accessible to a wider audience. The Palestinian Museum’s permanent collection now includes hundreds of pieces of historical, artistic, and cultural value that chronicle Palestinian culture and art. The collection is under an ongoing and efficient development process within precise and tested acquisition guidelines.

The scope of the collections policy at the Palestinian Museum is based on its dual role as a cultural institution that conducts exhibitions and develops public educational programmes, and as a supporter of research. The museum plays this role in part by collecting, conserving, curating, and exhibiting themed materials related to Palestinian history, culture, and social and political life. Therefore, the museum has adopted a special policy for the management of its collections, which includes an entire chapter on its acquisition policy, which delineates its priorities in the process of collecting materials and objects to be included in its permanent collection. This policy is reviewed and developed periodically on an ongoing basis. Policy in Arabic


Collection donors - collectors

Abida Wajih Al Sayeh (Hanbali); Aissa Deebi; Ali Foda; Ali Kazak; Asad Azi; Bashir Makhoul; Basma Alsharif; The Committee for the Preservation of Palestinian Heritage (CPPH): Gamila Karjawally, Hania Salam Osman, Maha Elhalbi Rabie, Malea Kiblan Abdel- Rahman, May Aburdeneh Nawas, Myr Hanania Tamari, Hala Salaam Maksoud; Nabila Nashashibi; Ziad Abu Amr; Athar Jabr; Bob Gramsma; Fayeq Oweis; Inass Yassin; Maria Thereza Alves; Rain Wu and Eric Chen; Sultan bin Fahad; Sliman Mansour; Vera Tamari; Hasan Daraghmeh; Hazem Harb; Joss Dray; Jumana Abboud; Laila Atawneh; Laura Sindell; Lena Saleh; Nabil Qaddoumi; Nahla Abboushi; Omar Jallal; Raja el-Zeer; Renée Danielson; Ron Waddams ; Rose Issa; Samira Badran; Steve Sabila; Suha Shoman; Talal Kanaan and Sarah Halima; Wafai Kamal Dajani (dearly departed); Yazan Khalili; Mona Saudi; Boulos Khano; Riad Kamal; Khaled Hourani; Dia Al Batal