Open Call for creative contributions (written/visual) inspired by the current global circumstances - to be published on the Museum blog, a platform for free self-expression

Hardly is the world serene in ordinary times, but seldom does the entire globe hold its breath at once, facing a common menace. This is one such moment, as we collectively brace amid this sweeping pandemic. Palestine is no stranger of course to catastrophes of the manmade variety, but amid the ruin, and in apprehension of recurring calamity, Palestinians have always resorted to arts and literature as they contended with the fragility of life or endeavoured to invoke the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

In this unprecedented time, we share a sense of uncertainty and anxiety, which perhaps elicits unfamiliar responses, whether within us as individuals or within society as a whole. This novel reality, impermanent as it may be, surely stirs in each of us an array of thoughts and feelings, as well as an urgency to contemplate and articulate them.

The Palestinian Museum invites you to share your thoughts and reflexions, fleshed out ideas or musings and contemplations, your hopes, fears, visions or stream of consciousness, which we will gladly publish on our website as part of the Museum blog. All media is welcome, including Arabic/English writing, photography and video, with no particular criteria for style, format or length (poetry, prose, fiction, articles,  etc.). You may attach your name, an alias or no name at all, and you may also request at any time that the material be taken down. Copyrights will be reserved to the author, and the Museum copy-editing staff’s interventions will be strictly limited to proofreading without any interference with content.

This call is not limited to these extraordinary circumstances; the Palestinian Museum blog will continue to welcome your contributions in the future.