The production of the majority of the museum's catalogues coincides with the launch of its exhibitions. They are the outcome of research conducted by the exhibition’s curators in cooperation with the museum curatorial team, researchers, and academics specialised in various sectors. They are written and used for the expansion of the research process to cover all facets of the topics at hand to reach conclusions and results heretofore unaddressed.

The purpose of these catalogues is primarily to document the research process and its inferences and to bridge knowledge gaps about Palestinians’ history and culture. They provide research materials on a scientific basis, supporting the research sector in Palestine and representing expert historical and artistic references for the public of students, researchers, and all those interested in the people and culture of Palestine.

Some catalogues are produced independently in the context of specialised commissioned research work, covering topics of environmental or societal importance. It does so to stimulate intellectual participation to create knowledge streams that intersect with the interests of different segments and disciplines