Do you have one or more artworks by Palestinian artists from Gaza? Together, let us hang them up on their behalf.

The Palestinian Museum recently launched an artistic demonstration for Gaza to shed light on the fruits of the Strip’s artistic and creative labour. In doing so, we aim to raise our voices loudly against this genocide, which is systematically annihilating Palestinians and their culture and knowledge systems.

This is Not an Exhibition is the main space; within it, Eltiqa Art Gallery and Shababek for contemporary art have been invited to use the Palestinian Museum’s main exhibition hall as their own, after the flames of war swallowed their spaces in Gaza.

This space brings together over 260 artworks by more than 100 Gazan artists. They have been collected from West Bank homes and galleries, institutions, and universities throughout historic Palestine, in partnership with more than 50 individual and institutional lenders. This moving act of solidarity was made possible by combined efforts, during a time when communicating with artists in Gaza was nearly impossible, and shipping their artworks, even more so. Meanwhile, this war continues to incinerate these artists’ homes, studios, and collections. These artworks on display are what is left of their creations.

The organisers of this undertaking understand it as a living breathing work in step with ongoing developments, to which works will be added throughout. These include works by artists we could not reach before the demonstration launch and works by artists to be replaced by others.

Thus, we call on you to be partners in shaping the meaning of this demonstration, whether by adding new works in your possession by Gazan artists or leading us to the location of these works in Palestinian homes, institutions, and universities. On our part, we assume responsibility for the necessary communications and coordination necessary to relay them. Furthermore, we pledge to preserve these works throughout the transport and display procedures and to return the works safely upon display end. In appreciation of your admirable contribution, your name will be added to our list of partners.

If you wish to contribute one or more artworks to this demonstration, we readily await your contact via email ( or by calling us at the Palestinian Museum’s phone number (+970 2 294 1948) to provide us with details of the artworks and pertinent contact information. Then, we will take it from there.

Every artwork on the walls of the main exhibition hall is a message of material solidarity and support, so join us in this mission for Gaza.