Interactive Game Box

The Interactive Game Box was designed under the project ‘The History of Palestinian Art as told by the Objects of Daily Life’. The project contends with the political and social history of Palestine and its intersections with the Palestinian art movement, through the literary use of everyday objects which Palestinian artists have used in their artworks across different historical stages.

The Box consists of six innovative interactive card games, inspired by the museum's past and current exhibitions. They are based on the six stories produced by the museum within the same project. The Box aims to draw a picture of Palestinian daily life through interactive play.


I Am a Painter who did not Fall into the Net: The game is comprised of drawings of elements of real and imaginary Palestinian daily life, which the child can use in drawing, colouring, collaging, and ornament-making.

Mr Mimo Is a Karateka 2021: The game aims to motivate children to explore traditional typography by folding paper they design into their seals, making a sealing machine out of paper, and making seals out of chopped vegetables and paint.

Cypress after Cypress: The game is a colouring activity that uses the cross-stitch as a building tool to copy traditional Palestinian embroidery (tatreez) motifs and create new shapes.

A Small Glitch in the World: A changing card game with drawings that simulate Palestinian embroidery (tatreez) in its transformations, allowing children’s imaginations to create new shapes and motifs.

The Soap that Defeated the King: A memory game that uses archival images of Nabulsi soap production, in which the child matches cards to train their memory.

Have You Ever Tried to Catch a Bird: A game made up of pictures that can be used to design the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem, Nabulsi soap made in Nablus, and a coastal scene from Yaffa, using ‘pop-up’ paper geometry.