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April 2021

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Workshop Series
Seaborne Dreams
In Partnership with Hope Foundation
Artists: Mumen Khalifa (origami); Ahmad Muhanna (Arabic calligraphy); Maher Daoud (creative writing); Mahmoud al-Haj (video)

1, 3–8, and 10 April | 15:00–18:00
Place: Tejwal Centre – Khan Younes, Gaza
Age Group: 9 to 13

Through a series of creative writing and art workshops, we explore manifestations of the Palestinian coast as a material and emotional geography in our everyday lives. The outcomes of the workshops, created by the participating children, will come together as an art installation to be presented in the Museum’s upcoming exhibition about the Palestinian coast. The installation will seek to evoke a sense of being present on the coast while also illuminating the worlds that are dreamt up in its absence or midst its siege, and the representations of these worlds in Palestinian narratives.

Limited admission, please register: activities@palmuseum.org

Note: Part two of the workshop series will be held in Akka in May.

Museum Garden Catalogue Launch
A Garden among the Hills: the floral history of Palestine (English and Arabic editions)
Speakers: Jamil Harb, PhD; Munir Nasser; PhD; Lara Zureikat
Facilitated by: Omar Tesdell, PhD

Saturday, 10 April l 17:30 – 18:30
Place: Zoom
Language: Arabic
Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/91704751441

Available in Arabic and English editions, the book documents the floral variety found in the Palestinian Museum gardens. It provides information about each plant’s history, etymology, biology, medicinal and aesthetic benefits as well as other popular uses. It also details the plants’ national and cultural significance, thus shedding light on their association with Palestinian identity. Like the Palestinian Museum gardens themselves, this catalogue recounts the floral and horticultural history of Palestine across different eras. The English and Arabic editions open with forewords by Omar Tesdell, PhD, and writer and poet Zakariya Mohammad.

Book Launch
Thorough surveillance: The genesis of Israeli policies of population management, surveillance and political control towards the Palestinians (Arabic Edition)
Author: Professor Ahmad Sa’di
Facilitated by Honaida Ghanem, PhD

Wednesday, 21 April | 16:00–17:30
Place: Zoom
Language: Arabic
Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/92680643119

Originally published in English, this translated Arabic edition is published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. The book presents a thorough analysis of the Israeli policies that were enforced to manage and control the Palestinian population that remained on the lands occupied in 1948 during the military rule period imposed by Israel from the Nakba until 1966. Sa’di chronicles the living conditions of the Palestinians who remained in in the country while tracking the Israeli discourse towards them and outlining how the four years that followed the Nakba were foundational to the formation and establishment of that discourse.

Ahmad Sa’di is a professor at Ben Gurion University’s Department of Politics and Government. He co-authored Nakba: Palestine, 1948, and the Claims of Memory (2007) with Professor Laila Abu-Lughod. He has published multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals and has contributed to works published in English, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and German.

Honaida Ghanim is a sociologist, anthropologist and Director of the Palestinian Forum for Israel Studies (MADAR). She holds a PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has published numerous studies on settler-colonialism policies in Palestine and on the role of Palestinian intellectuals in the wake of the Nakba.

Yoga in the Palestinian Museum Gardens
In collaboration with Shadana Yoga

Friday, 23 April l 17:00 – 17:20
Language: Arabic
Place: Palestinian Museum social media platforms and Shadana Yoga YouTube channel

Feeling stressed? Having a hard time coping with work from home and the uncertainty of the times? You're not alone! Many of us have been facing these challenges as of late, and that's why in collaboration with Shadana Yoga, we have come up with a yoga sequence that is specially designed to relieve stress as well as shoulder and neck tension. It is also a great routine to be practiced at home in times of stress.

This 20-minute session takes us on a journey to seek and create inner space, especially when the outer space around us feels constricted.  The video is shot at the beautiful Palestinian Museum gardens, offering a sense of space that helps achieve the special yoga postures through which we may physically and emotionally create that inner space of safety, openness and freedom. 

Ramadan Beverage Recipes (Series)
In collaboration with chef Mirna Bamieh (Palestine Hosting Society)
Place: Palestinian Museum social media platforms
Language: Arabic

Join us throughout the month of Ramadan and rediscover five staple beverages of the holy month. In a series of videos, artist and chef Mirna Bamieh shares her special recipes for tamarind, carob, almond and hibiscus drinks, in addition to a distinct and delightful tisane made from herbs picked from the Palestinian Museum gardens.

Hibiscus Tea
Wednesday, 21 April | 12:00

Hibiscus tea, which in addition to being rich in Vitamin C, has a delightful flavour and aroma.

Tuesday, 27 April | 12:00
Today’s recipe is for carob juice, among the most nutritious and tasty Ramadan beverages, a great source of energy for those who are fasting.

Friday, 30 April | 12:00
Today’s recipe is for homemade tamarind juice with a distinct delicious flavour.