Hunt 1

Hunt 1
Artworks / Paintings
Date made 2019
Artist / Maker Asad Azi

My work attempts to maintain the tension between the object of art as an aesthetic artefact and the object of art as the subject of conceptual and reflective observation. Thus, it testifies to the way these two worlds invade one another. I work with different techniques and styles simultaneously and work in the spirit of pluralism and humanism. I want my work to resemble a cleansing and uplifting ritual in a manner not a part of Western culture, thereby opening the viewer to diverse sources and influences. My works engage in two worlds developing side by side and even intertwining: on one hand, I examine intimate subjects related to identity: family paintings, wedding paintings, and self-portraits, all of which are based on photographs from my childhood in Shefa-Amr. Thus, a personal biography unfolds alongside human geography. On the other hand, I have toiled to build a world of universal images, which poses questions regarding the place of man in the universe and the function of the artist in the world. Throughout the years, I have explored universal themes through which I desired to raise complex artistic subjects such as manners of representations, the reliability of narrative, quotations from the history of art, and the socio-political aspects of the images. These paintings have touched, more than once, the illusive ambiguous areas between art and daily life, as I introduced objects to these areas of which the new identity cannot be easily grasped through conventional means.  

Object details

Acrylic on canvas
105 cm
90 cm
Donated by
Asad Azi