Open Call for Giftshop Item Designs
Inspired by the Palestinian Shores Exhibition

The Palestinian Museum is dedicated to supporting an open and dynamic Palestinian culture nationally and internationally, and to providing an environment that embraces intellectual and creative endeavours, in addition to promoting continuous learning and bolstering national identity. In line with this vision, and in preparation for the launch of its upcoming exhibition, Palestinian Shores (working title), the Museum is seeking to produce an exclusive souvenir collection, to be made available to the public at the Giftshop.

In the interest of the creation of a unique and distinguished collection, the Palestinian Museum invites artists, designers and charitable institutions to participate in the creation of original designs that reflect the Museum’s vision and role, and the significance of the exhibition and its themes. The collection will be produced exclusively for the Museum, to be sold to visitors and tourists as emotive souvenirs of artistic value that appeal to all sectors of society, from artists, workers in the cultural field, and Palestinian institutions, to children, families, and students of all ages. The works will also complement the programmes that will be implemented to accompany the exhibition. 

The Palestinian Shores Exhibition
As part of its main exhibition programme, the Palestinian Museum presents Palestinian Shores, a historical exhibition that explores a selection of milestones in modern Palestinian history. It affirms the existence of a modern Palestinian political history in the land of Palestine prior to the twentieth century and of early and solid foundations for a quasi-independent urban, political, social and cultural entity in historical Palestine.

The exhibition focuses on the Palestinian coast, where the process of construction and development prior to any European presence in the country instigated political and social transformations of great historical significance in Palestine. In light of these transformations, the coast became a beacon and target, coveted by various powers.

The exhibition will be presented within three primary narratives:
- Akka’s Beacon (political authority and urbanization: Akka, Haifa) — 18th century
- Jaffa, the Heart of the Mediterranean (economic entity) — 19th century
- Nakba (colonialism) as a fundamental transformation in the 20th century

We invite you to submit artistic designs and original ideas that relate to the exhibition concept and above-mentioned narratives and to participate in the production of a collection of artistic souvenirs that reflect the Museum’s vision and mission, in addition to a special collection that complements the Palestinian Shores exhibition.

The designs, ideas and proposals should adhere to the following:
- Innovative use of materials and/or production methods.
- Consideration of local production capabilities and product exclusivity.
- Conceptual harmony with the Palestinian Museum’s vision and identity.
- Feasibility of production with reasonable costs.
- Availability of the objects by April 2021.
- Inclusion of a clear design image of the product or a conceptual sample.
- Specification of a target buyer: Children, youth, students, intellectuals, tourists, etc.
- Inclusion of an outline of how the designs will be implemented. 
- The use of materials in accordance with green standards (recyclable, non-polluting, etc.).
- Inclusion of scans of tax invoices and valid Deduction of Tax at Source certificate.
- Inclusion of a separate and detailed financial outline (in US dollars) that includes all applicable taxes and tariffs as well as the production costs per 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, and 150 units.

Design selection criteria:
- Originality of concept and design and harmony with the Museum’s vision and the exhibition concept (40%).
- Feasibility of local and timely production (30%).
- Production cost per unit (30%).

Concepts and designs must be submitted via email no later than 5 January 2021:
For any inquiries, please contact Visitors Management: +970 294 2 1948
Attached is the Palestinian Museum Branding Guideline document. The exhibition title and other details will be provided prior to the production phase.