Open Call to Artists and Cultural Institutions
Public Engagement Programme for the Palestinian Shores Exhibition (Working Title)

The Palestinian Museum is dedicated to supporting an open and dynamic Palestinian culture nationally and internationally, and to providing an environment that fosters intellectual and creative ventures, in addition to promoting continuous learning and bolstering national identity. In line with this vision, and in preparation for the launch of its upcoming exhibition, Palestinian Shores (working title), the Museum is working to organise a series of activities and workshops, targeting all sectors of society as part of the Public Engagement Programme.

About Palestinian Shores
As part of its main exhibitions programme, the Palestinian Museum presents Palestinian Shores, a historical exhibition that explores a selection of milestones in modern Palestinian history. The exhibition affirms the manifestation of a Palestinian political history in the land of Palestine prior to the twentieth century, and of solid foundations for a quasi-independent urban, political, social, and cultural entity in historical Palestine preceding European presence in the country. Within three central narratives, across a timeline stretching from the 18th century to the present, the exhibition explores the processes of rural and urban construction and development that instigated historically significant socioeconomic transformations, making the coast both a beacon and target, coveted by various powers.

Central Narratives:
- Urbanisation and Political History: Akka and Haifa, 18th century
- Jaffa, the Heart of the Mediterranean (economic entity), 19th century
- The Nakba and the 20th century

The Palestinian Museum invites you to submit proposals for a series of activities targeting different sectors of Palestinian society. They may include: Workshops, performances (theatre, music, video, literary readings, etc.), storytelling for young adults, guided field tours, and related publications. The activities will be organised as part of the Public Engagement Programme accompanying the Palestinian Shores exhibition, to be held between June 2021 and April 2022.

The programme aims to complement the exhibition with knowledge and experiences that relate to the central narratives or any of the following sub-narratives:
- The Palestinian coast as represented in cartography and the history of image-making
- Seafaring in the late-Ottoman period
- Ottoman-Arab architecture and its development
- Rural coastal labour, from the enactment of the Ottoman Land Law to the present day
- Religious and artisanal diversity; festivals and folklore in relation to the urban and rural coast
- Early Palestinian women’s movement and its Arab ties
- Coastal city refugees
- Demolished and remaining coastal towns and villages
- Narratives and experiences of the Nakba and military rule
- Haifa, Akka and Gaza in Palestinian literature
- The Palestinian capital prior to 1948
- Social and cultural life, sports, and scouting
- Tourism in coastal cities

The proposal must include:
- Concept of the proposed activity and how it relates to the exhibition
- Target audience
- Activity goals
- Expected outcomes of proposed activity (individual or collective product)
- Action plan detailing activity implementation process
- Suggested dates and duration (number of hours and sessions, session duration, location)
- Required materials and tools
-  Proposed budget, including artist fees and additional costs

Selection Criteria:
The selection committee at the Palestinian Museum will assess the proposed concepts according to the following criteria:
- Originality of the proposed concept as well as its suitability to the central concept of the exhibition and intersection with its main themes (40%)
- Feasibility of implementation as a function of the exhibition’s features and capacity, in addition to the availability of resources and capabilities (30%)  
- Proposed budget (30%)

December 2020 – February 2021: Open call for proposals.
February 2021: Evaluation of proposals.
March – April 2021: Response to all applicants with letters of acceptance or decline; development of action and implementation plan.
June 2021 – April 2022: Implementation of monthly events and activities as part of the Public Engagement Programme.

Proposals must be submitted no later than 7 February 2021 via email:

For inquiries, please contact Visitors Management: +970 2 294 1948