Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question

Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question (PALQUEST) is an online portal into the multiple facets of the Palestinian experience, filled with fact-based historical accounts, biographies, events, and undiscovered stories. Together, they seek to craft an ever-growing comprehensive narrativethath highlights the active role of the Palestinian people in crafting their own history.

The Encyclopedia consists of several sections that include a General Chronology with specific dates and selected timelines; Highlights, written by leading academics and experts in the field, that cover important events and institutions, political, military and legal-constitutional developments, as well as crucial aspects of Palestinian cultural, social, or economic life or experience; Biographies of Palestinian intellectuals, artists, leaders, combatants, and politicians who have influenced the history of Palestine since the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; Places, the digitized version of the seminal book All That Remains, dedicated to the 418 Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948; and Documents, consisting of hundreds of primary texts, photographs, maps, and charts.

The Palestinian Museum Digital Archive

The Museum’s Digital Archive constitutes a major component of the virtual platform of the Palestinian Museum. The Museum is developed an open-access, digital archive that can be regularly updated and which documents photographic, film, audio and other materials, and preserves them through digitization from loss, damage or expropriation.

The archive is aimed at artists, researchers and the public, through the Museum’s virtual platform, and the virtual platforms of other partner institutions in Europe, in order to achieve the widest public outreach. The archive includes all the digital collections that the Museum had previously collected and digitised in other initiatives – including the Family Album project, which focused on exploring the photographic treasures Palestinians kept in their own homes and documenting them for future generations.  

To visit the Digital Archive website click here.

This project is funded by Arcadia Fund, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.

Conservation for Digitisation

The Palestinian Museum and the British Library partnered for the first time in support of a project, titled Conservation for Digitisation, to establish the first paper-based conservation studio in Palestine to conserve and preserve endangered collections relating to Palestinian history and cultural heritage. The project, delivered between April and December 2019, focuses on the preservation and treatment of 3,000 damaged paper-based collection item such as letters, maps, diaries and photographs, to prepare them for digitisation.

The Conservation for Digitisation project is funded by the British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund, in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS), with a grant of £152,209, awarded to Welfare Association (UK). For all other funded projects, please visit the British Council Cultural Protection Fund projects page.